There is always hope

Sometimes we get stuck in the same behaviors and don't know how to find the road that leads to a balanced life. We may occasionally have difficulty in our relationships and don't know how to identify or find solutions to the problems with our loved ones or others.

When working with clients  struggling with a mental illness,  life transition, relationship issue, family problem or personal issue, I am passionate about helping clients fulfill their goals and achieve positive results. In our confidential sessions, I help my clients reach a healthy level of balance and wholeness. 

I love to serve others who are hurting, have lost their way, or have clinical issues that need to be addressed. If you'd like to consider counseling, even if you're not sure you're ready yet, contact me for brief a chat to learn how I can help you. 




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  • Women and Abuse
  • Raising our Girls
  • Mental Health in the Church 

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Things can hurt and not harm us. In fact they can even be good for us. And things that feel good can be very harmful to us.
— Dr. Henry Cloud

By Lundy Bancroft
By Henry Cloud
By Henry Cloud, John Townsend